Where does he rank on the list of GGOATOAT (greatest GOATS of all time)?

Where does he rank on the list of GGOATOAT (greatest GOATS of all time)?

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  1. 2 weeks ago

    At the very bottom

  2. 2 weeks ago

    He my current GOAT but he hasn’t made the Mount GOATmore yet.

  3. 2 weeks ago


  4. 2 weeks ago

    top 50

  5. 2 weeks ago

    Probably top 30 for now

  6. 2 weeks ago

    He can't carry the company

  7. 2 weeks ago

    Somewhere between Sheamus and The Miz

  8. 2 weeks ago

    he's up high for me, he's not only an actual sincere babyface, something which I am still amazed by, he also commands respect in every promotion he's worked in.

  9. 2 weeks ago

    Cody Rhodes is maybe Top 75 or so.
    Top 100 for sure.

  10. 2 weeks ago

    Hard to tell.
    Legends carried him through Roman.
    AJ carried him twice now right?
    Kenny Omega had to build a company just to get him noticed.

  11. 2 weeks ago

    lol at not being able to name at least 100 wrestlers that run circles around this midcard shitter

    • 2 weeks ago

      you're not getting past 20 without debate, anon.

      • 2 weeks ago

        shawn michaels
        kurt angle
        bryan danielson
        kenny omega
        will ospreay
        bret hart
        eddie guerrero
        chris benoit
        rey mysterio
        aj styles
        chris jericho
        kevin owens
        samoa joe
        jon moxley
        jay white
        konosuke takeshita
        nigel mcguinness
        hiroshi tanahashi
        kazuchika okada
        tetsuya naito
        shinsuke nakamura
        shingo takagi
        kota ibushi
        katsuyori shibata
        tomohiro ishii
        yuji nagata
        keiji muto
        shinya hashimoto
        tatsumi fujinami
        satoru sayama
        dynamite kid
        antonio inoki
        jyushin liger
        minoru suzuki
        manami toyota
        akira hokuto
        chigusa nagoya
        kyoko inoue
        meiko satomura
        jumbo tsuruta
        mitsuharu misawa
        kenta kobashi
        toshiaki kawada
        bruiser brody
        terry funk

        i could keep going but i'm getting bored. and i don't even watch beaner wrestling outside of fantasticamania, AEW and shit like that. i won't even listen to an argument about cody being half as good as any of these people

        • 2 weeks ago

          Why did you list lame japs?

        • 2 weeks ago

          jon moxley is one of the worst wrestlers in the history of the business. i want you to come back here and legitimately defend your position but i'm guessing you're just a shitposter

          • 2 weeks ago

            >jon moxley is one of the worst wrestlers in the history of the business
            downloading all of your opinions from cornette is not a personality, i'm afraid
            cody couldn't lace mox's shitty kickpads

          • 2 weeks ago

            tell me what you like about moxley, anon

          • 2 weeks ago

            the fact that he's had lots of great matches with a wide range of opponents (as a tag & single), with constantly varied & creative match layouts instead of relying on a predictable and boring formula of signature spots, he's one of the best promos, he's one of the few major stars that uses hardcore/deathmatch gimmicks, and he's got a badass entrance theme

            funny enough i was one of the fans mox wrote about in his book, saying ambrose is lame and that he could never hang in njpw when he left WWE etc. but it turns out without the WWE shackles, he's fricking great and i'm happy to eat crow.

          • 2 weeks ago

            Mox has a background in hardcore and continues to evolve the genre of hardcore wrestling. He wrestled in CZW, the closest thing to what it would be like coming from ECW way back. I wouldn't put Mox in the greatest of all time lists at the moment but I like his work

          • 2 weeks ago

            I don't like Mox and I'd still list him higher than Cody. I mean just Ambrose you could list higher than Cody.

          • 2 weeks ago

            Instead of seething at Cornette, you should simply use your eyes. His work is dogshit.

          • 2 weeks ago

            Moxley is a draw, and AEW wouldn’t be shit without him.

  12. 2 weeks ago

    Cody is a megastar in the context of modern wrestling. But in the context of wrestling as a whole he's only as good as any given Attitude Era midcarder.

  13. 2 weeks ago
    Told you so spot

    Men of low faith

  14. 2 weeks ago

    this lisp nepohomosexual is not even top 100 of all time

  15. 2 weeks ago

    Hogan level
    >carny as frick
    >muh daddeee
    >bro this paint you see? this is my fricking MUSCLES ok? Now look, it's DRAINING. that's my MUSCLE

    Literally one of the best, if not the best carnies ever

    • 2 weeks ago

      lol good shit homie.
      Cody Rhodes sucks and only morons say otherwise.

  16. 2 weeks ago

    He still has a while to go to get up there on that list. His top guy main event status has only just begun, so we will have to see how far it goes before deciding.

  17. 2 weeks ago

    At the very top ahyessir

  18. 2 weeks ago


  19. 2 weeks ago

    Goat midcarder

  20. 2 weeks ago

    In the yah just gotta tier

  21. 2 weeks ago

    top 200 maybe

  22. 2 weeks ago

    He's the kid of guy who belongs on the GOAT list but nowhere near the top and quite possibly at the very bottom. Like at number 50 or 100 depending who you ask.

  23. 2 weeks ago

    After WrestleMania this year he's on my personal Mt Rushmore. For me its Shawn Michaels, Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar and Cody Rhodes.

    • 2 weeks ago

      Same but for me it's Cody, Brock, HHH, Undertaker but Solo seems like he might have what it takes to dethrone Taker.

  24. 2 weeks ago

    His career isn't close to over, so it's tough to say. With his current trajectory, he'll have a good showing. But the list of GOATs is stacked, given pro wrestling has been around for a hundred years. And there's always been a few different, prominent markets for it.
    I think regardless of how good Cody's career turns out, it'll be so hard to put him over guys like
    >Hulk Hogan
    >Stone Cold
    >Ric Flair
    >Lou Thesz
    >Antonio Inoki
    >Giant Baba
    >El Santo
    >Andre the Giant
    >Buddy Rogers
    >Mil Máscaras
    >Blue Demon
    Etc, etc. So many guys who were major international draws, or cultural icons. I don't think Cody's gonna break into that level.
    I think his best shot will be to look at the next tier of GOATs. Guys who had legendary careers and were over as main eventers.
    >Bruiser Brody
    >Karl Gotch
    >Gorgeous George
    >Harley Race
    >Tiger Mask
    And so on. The list goes fricking deep.

  25. 2 weeks ago

    he needs two more stories to get into contention against hitman hart and hulk hogan

    • 2 weeks ago

      he already is at the hart level of draw

  26. 2 weeks ago

    Top 500 if we're being generous.

  27. 2 weeks ago

    >notorious shitter
    >his nickname is three star general because his matches are all mediocre shit
    >goes to WWE and he's the greatest thing since sliced bread there
    a shit wrestler for a shit fed

  28. 2 weeks ago

    The frick has he done?
    >spends years in WWE as a midcard jobber at best
    >leaves and wrestles around the world in gigadimeless feds
    >starts his own gigadimeless fed
    >realizes it's garbage and it's never gonna take over WWE as the top promotion as it is fundamentally flawed so he jumps ship back to WWE
    >piggybacks into success off m'storeh of being the son of some fat shitter who could hardly be considered a wrestling legend and off m'storeh of being a guy who was shit enough to be future endeavor'd and having to reinvent himself (aka he got slightly better at promos, worked a bit on his physique, bleached his hair and got awful tats) outside of the WWE to come back and accomplish his goals
    >is probably the most boring champ in a long time but he's basically mostly tolerable because for the first time in fricking 10 years or so the belt isn't hogged by Lesnar or Reigns
    If we're talking carnies like others pointed out then clearly he's up there with them. GOATs on the other hand, I would hardly put him in my top 30 GOATs of the 2000s list, let alone something more

  29. 2 weeks ago

    I'm a huge Cody mark and I'll list him top 25 of all times as of now. WM 40 raise his stock from top 100 to top 25. If he turns heel and it's an easy top 15 maybe top 10

  30. 2 weeks ago

    I think he just about cracks the top 10

    Jim Londos
    Lou Thesz
    Hulk Hogan
    Buddy Rogers
    Bruno Sammartino
    Antonio Inoki
    El Santo
    Steve Austin
    Cody Rhodes

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